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Those blank walls in any room - be it your living room or bathroom - can be very boring. So, what should you do?

Invest in high-quality wall art! Yes, artwork lends a unique and luxurious statement in your home decor, in addition to filling the empty walls interestingly and in a stylish manner.

From charming rustic prints to the beauty of mother nature, we've got plenty of wall art ideas for every room in your home. These decorating ideas will spark creativity and interest in your rooms.

Keep reading to see which wall decor ideas go well in which room.

Deck Up Your Bedroom

You don’t want to wake up in a plain all-white box, right? Certainly, if your bedroom feels less interesting and unfinished, it might mean your walls lack decor.

Even if you are on a limited budget, wall art is one of the best and easiest ways to liven up your bedroom.

You can hang a large piece behind the headboard or eclectic textile art. In a Scandinavian-style bedroom, an asymmetrical gallery wall will warm everything up, making your bedroom feel more personal. You can mix photographs and canvas prints to lend a personalized statement for your bedroom.

Choose something inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature for a relaxing effect, like a tropical sunset wall art.

Grunge Tropical Sunset Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Or, maybe you need a piece of artwork that adds a sense of calmness and silence you might experience in a forest. If so, this beautiful forest canvas wall art may be all you need.

New England Fall canvas wall art

Stylize Your Bathroom

Why not style your bathroom walls as a picture-perfect paradise? There are tons of ways to accentuate your bathroom walls with quirky humor or contemporary style that is easy to implement.

If you want to add some bits of humor to your bathroom, then this Bathroom Humor wall art would be great.

Bathroom humor canvas wall art

Or add unique purple wall art, as purple is a popular color for bathroom thanks to its sense of calmness and soothing effect. 

Purple Tree Reflection Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Choosing simple and elegant wall art goes a long way in creating a beautiful bathing area. You can opt for painting the walls a bright shade to make the wall art stand out. It will create a focal point in your bathroom.

Amp Up Your Kitchen

Do you think you are done with having beautiful tiles and plugging in stylish appliances? Well, no!

If you dream of a truly finished kitchen, you need to pay attention to your blank walls. Those empty walls can become the focal point of your kitchen and add interest to an otherwise boring space.

Take your art display beyond your living room to the kitchen. Enjoy your favorite artwork while preparing dinner by hanging gorgeous and inspiring wall art.

For instance, you can hang a World Of Spices Multi Panel canvas wall art to make your kitchen aesthetically appealing.

World of spices canvas wall art

This beautiful wall art will surely stimulate your taste buds and get you prepared for the next delicious meal!

And, you can’t go wrong with this Farmers Market canvas wall art when it comes to kick-start your morning with a fresh mind.

Farmer market canvas wall art

Beautify Your Dining Room

The dining room is an essential and prominent space to showcase art. Even in houses with an open layout, there’s often a blank wall waiting for the right piece of wall art.

When positioning the artworks in your dining room, it is important to keep in mind your vantage point. It helps to make sure that you can enjoy the view from every corner of the dining table. For instance, if you have a buffet table, you can position the artwork’s center at about 57 inches from the floor to ensure an uninterrupted view.

A coffee canvas wall art will add charm and character to your dining room.

cafe multi panel canvas wall art

Or, give every diner a colorful and cheerful touch of fruit and vegetables with veggies canvas wall art.

Superfoods Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Liven Up Your Living Room

Set the mood in your living room by showcasing something that reflects your personality! The artwork could be inspired by the refreshing vibes of Yosemite Park, like this Taft Point Yosemite wall art.

Taft Point Yosemite wall art

Or, if you want to add some character, go with a rustic canvas print. Paired with a stylish and soft textile, it will fill your living room with endless charm and chicness.

deer multi panel canvas print

You can contrast various styles by combining the artwork with some funky chrome bar cart, a graphic stool, a shabby slipcovered sofa, and a tall floor vase.

Final Words

Wall art is becoming popular day by day because of its ability to beautifully and dramatically transform a boring space into an interesting sanctuary. So, next time you plan to give your rooms a makeover, go for a lovely artwork for your walls.

As every room has its own functionality and desired vibe, always opt for wall art that captures what you want to feel while in this room!



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