Wall Mirror Decor Ideas for a Glamorous Interior

If your walls are looking a little dull lately, why not consider a classic wall mirror? Not only do mirrors look stunning in any space, but they can also make a room appear larger. It’s an optical illusion everyone will love! Pair your favorite piece of wall art with a mirror that suits your personal style. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks for choosing the best mirror for your space. Read on for our favorite fun and functional mirror decorating ideas.

A Decorative Display

While we’re partial to traditional wall art, we have to admit that mirrors possess a similar ability to fill an empty space with style. Hang a decorative mirror to give your interior an instant facelift. Don’t shy away from offbeat frames and bright colors. This method was meant to make your mirror stand out! You want to create the illusion of a reflective work of art, which is why funky-shaped frames and printed patterns are ideal.

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Wall Mirror Decor Ideas

Favoring Functionality

While mirrors can be pretty to look at, they can also serve a more practical purpose. Not only do they instantly elongate a room, but they can be placed strategically around the home. Cover an entire wall with a floor-to-ceiling mirror to make your home gym feel like a professional workout studio. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors can also help reflect natural light, and give the appearance of a brighter interior. Opt for a framed mirror in the entryway, so guests can check their appearance as they enter and exit your home. Hang a full-length mirror in your bedroom for instant help with choosing an outfit. The opportunities are endless.

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Wall Mirror Decor Ideas

Marvelously Mod

If you’re looking for a mirror to match your modern home, there are plenty of options. Look for a mirror in a sleek, thin frame. The bigger the better when it comes to a contemporary space. The good news is, a mirror is one piece of décor that is guaranteed to match your existing interior! Because a mirror reflects its surroundings, all you have to worry about is choosing the correct frame. A matte black frame is super trendy and ultra-clean. Pair your modern mirror with an equally modern piece of wall art. These two pieces of wall décor will complement each other effortlessly.

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Va-Va-Voom Vintage

Elevate your traditional interior with a vintage-inspired mirror. Seek out mirrors with a classic look and three-dimensional texture. The perfect vintage frame appears as though it was carved by hand. Hang a mirror with an ornate frame and lots of gilded details. Pair this eye-catching piece of décor with a vintage-themed canvas print. Not only will they look cohesive when displayed in the same space, but you can position your vintage mirror across from the print to reflect your chosen piece of artwork.

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Mega Metallic

Add a little shimmer to your space with a metallic mirror frame. For a classic look, go with a warm-toned metal like gold, bronze, or copper. For a subtler appearance, opt for a silver or slate color. You can choose between metal frames that are super shiny, brushed, or totally matte. A reflective metal will make a statement, whereas a brushed metal will blend slightly more. A matte metal works best in a modern or industrial interior. Browse our selection of gold and silver wall art to find the perfect complementary print.

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More Decorating & Mirror Ideas

Change up your décor for the better by hanging a striking wall mirror. It’s simply the easiest way to add a little sparkle and shine to your space. There are endless ways to incorporate mirrors into your interior. Maximize space without compromising style, and don’t’ forget to choose a piece of wall art to match. Happy decorating!

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