Beyond the color scheme and designer details, a well-decorated home requires balance. The symmetry within a space is an underrated element of design, but it can make a noticeable visual difference. No matter your personal style, any theme can benefit from a symmetrical makeover. Make your space feel warm and inviting by promoting balance and harmony in your home. Not only is this style visually pleasing, but it is also practical. From split landscape wall art to a rearranging your furniture, there are plenty of easy ways to implement the theory of symmetry.

A Pair of Paintings

Hanging wall art in odd numbers used to be a must-follow rule in the world of design. Times have changed, and symmetrical wall art is a top trend for 2021. Simply choose two large canvases with the same dimensions, and hang them next to each other on a blank wall. You can also select a pre-made split canvas for an easy double-layout effect. Each piece should be 2”-3” apart from one another, and don’t’ forget to hang them no higher than eye level. This is a contemporary technique for those who are looking to modernize their interior.

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House Plants Illustration Canvas Set Wall Art

Split Landscapes

For a more specific take on symmetrical wall art, consider split landscapes. These pairs of canvases display a single photograph or theme, with a break in the middle. This is an excellent way to switch up the classic wall print. Plus, it will add visual dimension and variation. Conquer both style and serenity at the same time. Emphasize depth with this unique technique, and combine organic imagery with a balanced layout. What better way to promote harmony within your space?

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Majestic Badlands Sunset Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Seating Arrangements

If you’re looking for ways to improve a sense of community within your living space, symmetry can be a great choice for social gatherings. While we may not be able to host our friends and family quite yet, there’s no better time to get your home ready to entertain. Rather than facing your seating towards a television or entertainment center, consider facing it inward for more intimate conversations. Plus, a symmetrical living room is always a stylish choice.

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Stacked Spa Stones Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Serene Sleeping Space

If there’s anywhere you should be creating a calming atmosphere, it’s your sleeping space. Rather than pushing your bed into a corner or up against a wall, place your bed in the center of the room. An uncentered bed frame is a tell-tale sign of an amateur designer. If you have enough space, you should always place a nightstand on each side of the bed. For a finishing touch, hang a double painting on the center of your wall directly above your bed.

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Tree In Field Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Balanced Dining Room

A symmetrical dining room is an absolute necessity when it comes to creating an elegant space. Beyond making sure there are an equal number of chairs on each side of the table. You should also position your dining table in the center of your space. Hang a piece of wall art that lines up visually with the edges of your table. Use a single centerpiece to bring the focus to the midpoint of the room. 

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Victorian Garden Greenery Canvas Set Wall Art

2 Piece Wall Art and Beyond

Interior design is about more than just choosing décor, it’s also about how you choose to arrange it. While there’s a time and place for odd-numbered details, nothing beats symmetry when it comes to creating a harmonious space. From your bedroom to the main living space, symmetrical design is achievable in any area of the house. Experiment with pairs of eye-catching wall art, and curated seating arrangements. There are endless ways to play with this timeless trend, and there’s no wrong way to decorate with symmetry. Whether you’re stuck in a design rut, or you’re craving a brand-new look, adding balance to your interior is a foolproof upgrade.

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