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There’s no doubt, we’re living in a digital age. Technology has never been such an integral part of our daily lives as it is today. We’re celebrating the virtual advancements in the recent past with a guide to digital wall art. Digital creativity is the newest form of fine art. Computers allow us to explore new creative avenues that would otherwise never be possible. Technology has given us the power to explore our wildest artistic fantasies without boundaries. Our design experts have handpicked their top digital art prints for 2023. If you’re looking for a modern way to upgrade your home, consider one of these contemporary art pieces.

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Bold Digital Art Ideas

The beauty of digital art is that you can go bolder than ever! Illustrations and paintings have a limit when it comes to bold visual impact. The virtual quality of digital art allows for an otherwise impossible level of vibrancy. Even if you have a predominantly neutral or pastel interior, digital art is the perfect way to add a pop of contrast. Opt for a modern, multi-panel print with both warm and cool tones. A dynamic abstract print is the ideal opportunity to create visual interest in an otherwise formal room.

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discover digital art ideas

Mystical & Whimsical Digital Art

Our mystical wall decor collection rose to popularity this fall, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whimsical artwork has had a huge resurgence due to our desire to escape from our current reality. Even though the world is slowly returning to some version of normal, designers and homeowners have held onto the otherworldly trend. Gone are the days when natural and organic was the name of the game. 2023 is all about embracing surrealism in design.

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Boho Cool Digital Art Ideas

Speaking of moving away from organic design, digital art is a great way to upgrade the boho look. Bohemian decor is typically centered around nature, but 2023 is taking a more modern approach. Choose a warm-toned print with an abstract geometric design for a boho look that feels updated. Instead of sticking to only natural patterns and textiles, offset the laid-back appearance with more refined elements. Digital art will create the perfect juxtaposition between traditional and trendy. Don’t be afraid to play with different shapes and unconventional lines.

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Minimalist Simple Digital Art Ideas

Digital art can take minimalism to a whole new level. The ultra-sharp lines and clean appearance of a digital print are unparalleled. If your goal is to curate a simple, sleek interior, you can’t beat digital art. For an ultra-trendy look, choose a two-panel piece. This symmetrical look will complement the digital quality of the minimalist print. You can’t go wrong with a black and white abstract print in a modern space. Digital art is great for adding visual interest without overwhelming your interior.

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Geometric Digital Art Drawing Ideas

Geometric wall art is another version of minimalism that allows for more color. While the shapes and lines are still chic, you have more freedom with eye-catching hues. Because the designs are so clean, don’t be afraid to opt for an ultra-large geometric canvas print. It’s always better to go big than too small with your wall art.

Need more convincing on the beauty of geometric wall art? Check out this quote from one of our design experts, Elimar Lobo Sáenz:

“If your objective is to curate a contemporary space, begin by outlining and defining the current top modern trends. You might be swayed to lean toward a more minimalist look…and we can’t blame you! Blend both style and practicality for a totally current appearance. Highlight strong shapes and clean lines. The following top trend is a must-have for an up-to-date interior:

-Geometric Wall Art: From wall decor to furnishings, create a contrast-heavy look with strong, straight lines in tandem with curved details like circles, orbs, waves, cylinders, etc.”

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best digital wall art ideas

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It would be impossible to share all digital art ideas in a single post. If you’re looking for more interior design concepts to try, check out our inspiration blog. Our resident design professionals are constantly updating our blog with new articles that highlight current trends. It’s time to make your house feel like a home with a splash of your unique personality. Create your dream home in 2023 with digital art and beyond.

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