how to hang a gallery wall

Gallery walls can completely transform your interior. Formerly known as salon walls, these clever uses of wall space date back to the 1600s. Originally a concept in French aristocratic interiors, there’s a reason why these stylish displays have stood the test of time. Gallery walls have had a major resurgence in recent years, and it’s easy to fall in love with their eclectic quality. A gallery wall is the perfect way to show off your personality while maintaining a sophisticated space. Whether you want to hang photos of your friends and family, or you want to curate your own array of paintings, we’ve created the ultimate guide to hanging the perfect gallery wall.

Top Gallery Wall Design Ideas

The first step when hanging a gallery wall is to maintain a level of cohesion with your chosen prints. Decide on a theme that permeates each piece. An easy way to maintain consistency is to rely on a color scheme. Don’t be afraid to mix and match eclectic pieces, as long as the colors don’t clash. A mix of photos, illustrations, and fine art is perfectly acceptable with the right palette. For an easy way to create a gallery wall that looks unified (yet still dynamic) you can explore pre-made gallery wall sets. These curated collections of prints are ideal if you don’t want to source and print each individual image yourself. Plus, you can ensure the overall design will look well-planned.

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how to hang gallery walls

Determining the Best Gallery Wall Location

It’s imperative to choose the right location for your gallery wall. The most important consideration is space. A cramped gallery wall will look instantly amateur. You want to create a gallery wall where there is a large, blank space. Don’t try to cram several prints on a half wall or on a wall with lots of furniture. It is acceptable to hang a gallery wall over a couch or credenza, as long as there is no clutter or additional pieces to compete with the images themselves. You also want to ensure you have enough space above the top print so that the gallery wall doesn’t stretch close to the ceiling. The center print should always be at eye-level.

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tips for hanging a gallery wall

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Evenly

Hanging your prints evenly is essential to achieve a professional-quality gallery wall. As mentioned above, start with a large, center image hung at eye-level. Each picture’s edge should be 2-3 inches apart for an airy yet tied-together look. While there are no hard and fast rules for the arrangement of your gallery wall, the most important thing is to plan before you hang. Cut out pieces of paper the size of each print, and tape them to the wall to visualize your design. Always ensure that your frames are hung straight by using a level for precision.

Pro tip: An easy way to arrange your gallery wall is to keep the larger images closer to the center, and the smaller images on the outside.

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how to hang a gallery wall evenly

How to Hang a Symmetrical Gallery Wall

A symmetrical gallery wall is different than a traditional gallery wall for a few reasons. A typical gallery wall includes images of all shapes and sizes. Symmetrical gallery walls often use identical frame/canvas sizes, hung in two-three even columns. This style will give your home an instantly modern look. If you want to curate a more contemporary space, a symmetrical gallery wall is right up your alley. This style is particularly desirable if you are searching for a creative way to hang family photos

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best way to hang a gallery wall

Quick Gallery Wall Tips & Tricks

Consider these simple tips & tricks for how to hang a gallery wall:

-Establish a color palette for optimal cohesion

-Hang your lowest print about 6” above any furniture

-Place each frame/canvas print about 2-3” apart

-Start in the center when hanging your prints

-Hang the central image at eye-level

-While symmetry is optional, balance is essential

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how to hang a symmetrical gallery wall

Shop Wall Art for Your Gallery Wall

The perfect gallery wall starts with the perfect wall art. Choose several prints from our wide variety of wall art to create something truly unique. The best way to hang a gallery wall is to stay true to your style while keeping your arrangement even and well-planned. Looking for more expert design tips? Stay on-trend with our decor inspiration blog. Creating a gallery wall is easy as long as you follow a few key guidelines. Happy decorating!

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