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A minimalist home is all about prioritizing comfort without sacrificing style. Doing more with less has been a top design technique for centuries. While minimalism is often synonymous with modernism, Scandinavian interiors have always implemented this method. Just because you have a minimalist home, doesn’t mean you can’t have statement pieces. It’s all about choosing the right décor for your specific room. We’re going to take you through the trendiest ways to create a minimalist space. From expert tips to wall art suggestions, minimalism has never been easier to achieve.

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Minimalist Home Décor: A Summary

Minimalist Bedroom Décor

Minimalist Living Room Décor

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Minimalist Wall Décor Ideas

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Minimalist Home Décor: A Summary

At its core, minimalist design is all about maintaining a sleek, clean space. You can still add character, but make sure you don’t overwhelm the room. Stick to a neutral color scheme with few pops of color to give yourself more freedom with accessories and décor. If you’re going to opt for a minimalist aesthetic, you have to commit throughout your entire interior. One of the major benefits of minimalist décor is the cost-effective nature. You only need a few key pieces to achieve this chic appearance.

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Black and White Décor: Expert Tips

Black and white are the perfect colors to use as a base for your minimalist space. ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz explains why black and white is a foolproof color scheme:

“Monochrome doesn't mean bland. Determining which look you want to achieve is the best way to best implement a black and white color scheme. Decide between a modern, monochromatic look with splashes of charcoal and grey, or go with a more retro pop of vibrant color. Try meshing your black and white palette with different materials and textiles, like white distressed floor boards, industrial accessories, or sleek black furniture. Play into the striking contrast of this dynamic duo. Black-and-white décor will never go out of style, and this tied-and-true combo can help you create an interior full of possibilities. Add shades of grey and charcoal to add a trendy touch and soften your black and white color scheme. This foolproof combination will make your space look instantly chic and more modern.”

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Minimalist Bedroom Décor

Your bedroom should be a peaceful space. A bedroom that is too busy can appear chaotic and not relaxing. Stick to soft, cool tones and warm woods for the perfect minimalist balance. Take inspiration from delicate nature scenes and cool, calm mornings. Incorporate organic textiles like wool and cotton, along with wicker and unfinished wood. For accessories, consider live greenery and simple furniture without ornate details. Finish the look with a piece of “Definition Wall Art,” curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman.

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Minimalist Living Room Décor

Your living room is the ideal space to experiment with minimalism, due to its high-trafficked nature. Minimalism is an automatic crowd pleaser, and you can be sure that your guests will feel cozy and comfortable in your space. Use warm neutrals and comfortable textiles for a welcoming appearance. Focus on the pieces of furniture that matter most, like seating, to best utilize your space. Play with understated accessories with a natural touch like pampas grass and minimalist vases. Complete your living space with a line art canvas. These trendy pieces of artwork pack a punch with their simplicity. Curated by Tirzah Goodman, this collection will match practically any décor.

Nordic Living Room: Expert Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired living space:

“Over the past two years, our daily life has had a shift indoors. This transition sparked a revival of Nordic design. Scandinavian interiors primarily value coziness and a harmonious flow. The comfort factor is why Scandinavian style has been skyrocketing. Consider light-colored wood and pops of color to brighten the space.”

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Minimalist Décor for Small Spaces

Minimalism is the perfect style for small spaces due to its inherent aversion to clutter and chaos. The idea of maximizing utility and minimizing mess is ideal for compact interior. Make your space feel fresh and open with a bright white base. Neutral details against a white backdrop act as the quintessential starting point for a minimalist room. You can still have accessories that are just for looks, but make sure to choose pieces that really exemplify your personality. For instance, coffee table books are a great way to show your interests without taking up much space. Wall art is also ideal for adding a splash of character that won’t overwhelm your close quarters.

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Minimalist Wall Décor Ideas

As we mentioned, wall art is the perfect solution to spicing up a minimalist space. Wall décor will keep your home from looking too cold or sparse, while still maintaining a bright, airy look. Stick to abstract art with black, white, and grey details. One of our favorite minimalist artwork styles is the brushstroke canvas. This contemporary form of painting will give your space a contemporary look and create a stunning focal point. You can hang a modern, multi-panel canvas on any wall that looks like its lacking style. Designers recommend hanging artwork over major sets of furniture like dining areas, living room sofas, or bedroom headboards.

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More Modern Décor Topics

The beauty of minimalism is that anyone can achieve it. From your bedroom to your living space, minimalism is a choice that will never go out of style. Achieve effortless contemporary vibes with a minimal interior. For more modern décor ideas, visit our inspiration blog. We have articles on everything from modern wall décor to abstract painting ideas.

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