Stylish Shelf Ideas for Your Interior

It’s easy to accumulate an excess of “stuff,” especially during this stressful time. Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge anyone who finds solace in a little retail therapy, but there are ways to organize your newfound treasures to prevent clutter.

Storage shelves provide both beauty and functionality. You can use them as a statement piece, or go with a more understated shelving unit. Regardless of your personal style, we’ve combined a comprehensive list of the best shelving tips and shelf decor ideas!

Use Art as a Distraction

It may seem counterintuitive to hang a piece of art above your busy shelving units, but art can actually make the storage space look intentional.

You can also choose art that will complement your shelved subjects. For instance, if your shelves are being used for family photos, look for an art piece that celebrates love. There are also plenty of kid-friendly pieces if your goal is to make your children’s shelves look more put together. Looking for something totally personal? Our unique coloring canvases were created for you.

Whether you are looking for clever ideas to decorate around your bathroom shelves filled with products, or you want to add some style to your horizontal bookshelf, look for a vibrant piece of art to grab guests’ attention. 


Love at Sunset Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Nod to Neutrals

Neutrals can be misunderstood as minimalist, but an earthy color palette can still be exciting! You can choose to make your shelving unit the focus of the room with bright-colored floating shelves, or keep the shelves subtle and make the rest of the room pop.

If the items on your shelves are collectible items you want to display with pride, take the opportunity to make your shelving unit stand out while toning down your other décor. Looking to hide your shelves in plain sight? Choose a grey or beige unit and give the other elements of the room a little more pizazz. Either way, neutrals can be a great way to balance your room and keep things simple while still having fun.

Neutrals are also notoriously chic and sophisticated, which makes them an excellent choice for a contemporary interior. Popularized in Scandinavian design, neutral shades are totally timeless and help a space feel more free and open, in spite of any visible knick-knacks.

If you’re looking for a piece of wall art to complement your newfound neutral tones, consider one of our favorite Scandinavian-themed prints:


Walking Down the Street Neutral Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art 

Show Your Prized Possessions

Use your shelves to display your most precious possessions. After all, shelves were made to convert your clutter into art! Hang your shelves as if you were hanging a painting, at eye level. Fill your shelves with your personal photos and memorabilia from your favorite adventures.

During quarantine, our memories are more sentimental than ever. We should celebrate all the places we have traveled and all the people we have met. If you have any diplomas or trophies you want to show off, don’t be shy! Place them on your brand-new shelves with pride.

Lacking space? There are plenty of corner shelf ideas that serve as the perfect place to show off your collectibles and mementos. Simply look for shelves with a right angle that fit into any empty corner of your home.

If you don’t want to purchase anything new, try converting your bookshelf into a shelving unit! Using a bookshelf as décor is a fantastic idea for repurposing an old piece of furniture.

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Shelf ideas home decor

A Gallery Wall with a Twist

A gallery wall is typically made up of framed images, but you can also incorporate wall hanging shelves! Create a pattern that adds depth and dimension to your space. Choose transparent floating shelves if you want to keep the focus on the gallery wall, or go for a rustic look with raw wood.

Use small paintings and prints to get the classic gallery wall look, or go for a modern interpretation with multi-panel canvas art. You can surround your panels with smaller pieces, as long as you stick to a strict color scheme. Gallery walls are supposed to look eclectic, but there should be subtle cohesion when it comes to color and tone.

shelf ideas

Greenery Never Fails

Looking for kitchen and bathroom shelf ideas? Houseplants are the perfect addition to your interior. Not only do they look beautiful, but they purify the air around them. Just adding a few potted plants on wooden shelves will bring a contemporary-meets-bohemian charm.  

Whether you place your shelves above the tub or adjacent to the kitchen sink, there is plenty of indoor-friendly flora to choose from. Smaller houseplants are easy to manage, and they allow you to add a wide variety of greenery. We suggest the calibrachoa, Persian shield, coleus, geranium, or angelonia.

Shelf ideas home decor

A Storage Shelf Summary

A perfect mix of classy and eclectic, shelves are essential to keep a space looking organized and visually interesting. Whether your style is funky or sophisticated, there are tons of shelving ideas that can easily enhance your home. Open shelving has been a longstanding trend for a reason, and this is the perfect time to test out the craze. Remember, shelving is all about personalization, so don’t be afraid to show off your individual flair.


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