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Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you are already planning your menu and side dishes. But what’s your plan for decoration?
Well, Thanksgiving is the best time to showcase your creativity and put your inner artist to work. Set the mood and lift up your festive spirit with creative Thanksgiving decoration ideas.

These ideas are easy-to-implement and will give an amazing Thanksgiving festivity to your home.

Thanksgiving-Themed Entryway

This Thanksgiving, forget orange and red hues. Instead, try some natural colors and accents! Dress up your front door with a cute “Give Thanks” wreath or turn it into a playful, welcoming spot with a lovely banner and chalkboard sign.
A harvest-themed front porch fits well between early fall to Thanksgiving. Get a leaf-covered wreath in various colors for a surefire way to catch all eyes towards your front door. Put the empty space on your front porch to good use with hanging baskets, haystacks, lanterns, and pumpkins.

Dress Your Dinner Table

Before you perfect your Thanksgiving cake and pumpkin pie, take time to dress up your dinner table. Nothing can grab your guests' attention more than the lovely décor and delicious food on your dining table. Pick a Thanksgiving table centerpiece with gourds or get fall-inspired floral centerpieces, whichever fits your style and taste - rustic, glam, or full-on fall.

thanksgiving table flowers wall art

Creative Kid’s Table

Set up a smaller table off the side of the dinner table for kids. Decorate it with a cute and sweet look that also keeps them out of trouble. Keep them entertained and amused with interactive and safe centerpieces, white paper tablecloths, cornhusk dolls, and paper boat place cards. Fill the table with delicious food like turkey trivia, candies, cake rolls, and everything you believe they will like. Avoid fragile items like glass, China, or other expensive items on kids’ table.

Thanksgiving-Inspired Wall Art

If you are looking for something quick and magical, buy thanksgiving-inspired decorative accents. You have many options, like themed Mason jar planters, vinyl thanksgiving decals, thankful sign, aromatherapy diffusers, and more. A Gather multi panel canvas wall art in front of your dining table also adds warmth and a welcoming feel to your space. Or, you can opt for a trendy artwork that will beautify your space.

gather wall art thanksgiving

Glow It Up With Candles And Lights

Create a warm, festive glow in your abode with illuminated fall centerpieces and themed décor accents. You can purchase or DIY a glowing fall centerpiece, a tea light holder, an illuminated hurricane vase or use turkey bubble lights. Make the last trip to the greengrocer and pick the healthiest apples to transform them into lovely candle holders. These beautiful lights will also work great in your bedroom

Give Thanks Mantel

Warm neutral colors with lovely variations of browns will work well on your mantel. Spruce up cute and tiny pumpkins with white spray paint, further spelling ‘Thanks’ or ‘together’ with one pumpkin featuring one letter each. For the word ‘give,’ use a rough barn or some rusty elements to bring your mantel to life. You can also adorn your mantel with a warm Thanksgiving message displayed on a homemade banner.

Let’s prepare your home for Thanksgiving with these super easy Thanksgiving home decoration ideas!

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