The Best Canvas Art for Dining Rooms

Creating a modern dining room is a hot topic this summer. As you begin to welcome guests back into your home, wow them with your commitment to a contemporary interior. Our team of expert designers have curated a guide to help you instantly elevate your dining space. From Scandinavian influence, to an organic color palette, this article is for the homeowner who loves the idea of chic comfort. Use wall art to complement your brand-new space.

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A Dreamy Dining Room

A Scandinavian Style

Contemporary Colors

Dining Room Canvas Sizes

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A Dreamy Dining Room

The name of the game is meshing comfort with style. Create a space that looks both welcoming and functional. Practicality and modernism go hand-in-hand. Embrace minimalism and only display items that are crucial to the success of your space. Focus on your walls when it comes to adding purely decorative elements. Wall art won’t get in the way of your cozy atmosphere. In fact, canvas prints are a great way to avoid a sparse-looking space without distracting from your essential décor.

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Dining Room Décor: Expert Tips

ElephantStock’s expert designer, Elimar Lobo Sáenz, expands on post-pandemic dining room décor:

“[The dining room] has become increasingly more personal over the pandemic. After moving our daily life indoors, many areas of the home now have the allowance to prioritize coziness over everything else. While I wouldn't say that the dining space has become wholly formal or informal, this area has definitively become more personal.”

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A Scandinavian Style

Nobody does modern minimalism quite like Scandinavians. The pandemic has taught us what’s most important in life: spending quality time together! “Hygge” is the Scandinavian design concept that promotes coziness and the feeling of contentment. Check out our typography collection for artwork that inspires togetherness and a sense of community.

Dining Room Décor: Expert Tips

Design pro Elimar Lobo Sáenz seconds the Nordic décor trend:

“Create a warm atmosphere. A fresh, bright, delicate dining room to gather...or to simply enjoy a nice cup of coffee! Shifting our daily life indoors has sparked a revitalization that has increased the importance of coziness and a harmonious flow. That’s why Nordic style keeps on rising, with light colored wood and pops of color to brighten up the space. Combine organic materials and give your space a personal touch by including elements that represent your interests.”

Our resident art director, Tirzah Goodman, suggests a minimal “Abstract Figure” print to add a touch of style without overpowering your dining space.

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Contemporary Colors

To further educate you on Scandinavian dining room design, our interior experts cover the topic of Nordic color schemes.

Dining Room Décor: Expert Tips

Designer Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her color-specific thoughts:

“Reference Scandinavian influences by combining gray, green, soft yellow and black. Also, all shades of wood can create warm atmospheres. The aim is to build a timeless and trendy space.”

Pro decorator Yoko Chow, of Yoko Chow LLC, goes into further detail regarding Scandinavian color palettes:

“The color palette [heavily utilizes] natural wood such as oak and pine, along with white and muted colors. In recent years, the proportionality of white in a space seems to have significantly increased, replacing wood as the dominant material for vertical surfaces. The Scandinavian style allows one to add accents and personality through fabrics and works of art in muted colors such as forest green and warm orange. Green is often [used] to provide a relaxed and refreshed ambiance, while red and orange hues evoke feelings of energy and optimism.”

Blue and Green Dining Room Ideas

These two cool colors are the perfect organic accent tones. Use nature as your inspiration and select a piece of wall art that brings the outside, in.

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Dining Room Canvas Sizes

Are you lucky enough to have a large, formal dining room? Consider this size guide to create an oversized focal point:


If you’re obsessed with the oversized wall art look, go with this canvas size!
Pick this size to create a focal point in your room that has a large empty wall. You should measure the space before installing this oversized wall art as this size can be overwhelming in a room with small walls.

If your dining room is on the smaller size, reference our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide to find the best dimensions for your space.

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Dining Room Canvas Shapes

No matter which layout you choose, it won’t affect the contemporary appearance of your surrounding space. Select your dining room canvas shape based on your unique personality.

Chic and Classic: 1-Piece Classic Canvas

Trendy Two-Piece: 2-Piece Split Canvas

Stylish & Eye-Catching: 3 to 5-Piece Multi-Panel Canvas

Fun and Eclectic: 7-Piece Hexagonal Canvas

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Trendy Décor Topics

Looking for more dining room décor topics? We have several pieces on this essential subject. Read about additional creative dining room ideas here. These refreshing artwork concepts are perfect for the laid-back designer. Finally, don’t miss out on these trendy abstract painting ideas. Happy decorating!

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