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Where you live plays a major role in your ideal style of home décor. You inevitably pick up certain aesthetic qualities of the city you live in.

As it turns out, wall art preferences vary by region, with certain distinct trends popping up across the country.

Our analysts at ElephantStock unearthed millions of online searches to reveal the most popular art collections from each region.

Check out our conclusions and see if your personal faves match up with your area!

Wall art preferences by region

From West Coast to East Coast

Beachy Art is Right Up Your Alley

It turns out homeowners want art that reflects their natural surroundings. If you’re living seaside on either coast, chances are you’re more enamored with beach art than inland shoppers. 

Shop our beach collection >>  

Sunset Beach Time Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

If You Love Cityscape Artwork...

...You might live on the East Coast!

We discovered that shoppers living on the East Coast are much more likely to browse city-themed artwork than any other region!

Check out our city collection >> 

Massive Manhattan Skyline Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Nature and Surfing

West Coast - This One's for You

For further proof that your natural surroundings inspire your artwork of choice, shoppers from the West Coast love bringing the outdoors in, with beautiful nature and surf-inspired pieces. 

Check out our surfing collection >> 

Ocean Surfboard Retro Pop Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

"Nature is remarkably inspiring and each of us, whether we live in a city or the wilderness, [we] connect to it on a deep, primal level," says Denise Hopkins, Architect and Owner of Living Design, "Studies show that even photos and artwork of nature, abstract or realistic, can improve both our emotional and physical health. ElephantStock's research reveals that we generally prefer to surround ourselves with art that reflects the area in which we live."

Find Nature artworks >> 

Pink Flower Mountain Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Denise continues, “If you are fortunate enough to live in a western mountain region, Pink Flower Mountain a dreamy, lush, awash with rich color photo will boost your spirit and décor. Breathe new life into your traditional deep jewel-toned palette with this pop of freshness that makes you want to run through a field of wildflowers. On a cold blustery winter day, this pulsing with life photo will make you and your monochromatic room optimistic and hopeful for summer. So, go ahead, surround yourself with the best of your local environment." 

Feeling Inspired?

You must live in the central region!

We found that shoppers from central states tend to seek out motivational quotes more than any other region.

Shop Motivational Wall Art >> 

Good Day Canvas Wall Art

Everyone Loves Abstract

Certain styles proved widespread popularity and defied regional bias. Our World Map collection came in first place, with the runner-up being the Abstract collection.


Sparkling Abstract Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

The aforementioned categories soared in popularity regardless of region. With timeless charm and a wide array of choices, it’s clear why these categories are in such high demand. 

So, What's Your Style? 

Are you more into nature-themed landscapes or inspirational phrases? Does your personal taste in artwork align with your region’s style? Discover more trends and get inspired by browsing the hottest artwork for summer 2020

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