Popular paint supplier Benjamin Moore has chosen the ultimate shade to represent 2021. With the help of a team of design experts, Benjamin Moore recently announced their pick for Color of the Year. A muted medium blue with a hint of green, Aegean Teal is what décor dreams are made of. Explore this calming, cool shade through wall art and affordable teal decorating ideas. Turn your space into a modern oasis with a hue that is both unique and universal. No matter your personal style, Aegean Teal can give your interior a fresh, new look.

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Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal: Wall Art

Turquoise Bedroom

Teal Living Room

Cool Kitchen

Blue Bathroom

Aqua Dining Room

Teal Wall Décor & More

Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal: Wall Art

Wall art is the perfect way to add Aegean Teal to your space. If you don’t want to redo your entire interior, and you just want to add a splash of this trendy tone, hang an eye-catching wall print! No matter your personal style, there are endless teal-tinted options to liven up your home. Choose a contemporary, abstract print to heighten the modern look of your living area. Plus, abstract art will match your existing décor with effortless intention.

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Teal and Grey Wall Art

Two colors that pair flawlessly together are teal and grey. These two modern shades are a cool, calming duo. Make a statement while still keeping things classy and contemporary. Hang teal wall art to complement grey furniture, or vice versa. Whether you want to keep your color palette predominantly neutral with just a hint of color, or you’re looking for two shades that work with every color scheme, try teal and grey.

Trending Styles

One of our top trending wall art styles is the “Geometric Canvas Sets” collection. Curated and hand-selected by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, these prints are uber-popular moving into 2022. While Aegean Teal may be a hot color for 2021, our geometric wall art is a great way to keep your teal looking current.

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Turquoise Bedroom

Aegean Teal and bedroom décor are a match made in heaven. This turquoise tone is an excellent alternative to strictly subdued neutral shades. Swap some of your standard taupes and beiges for hints of Aegean Teal. Deeper than aquamarine, this color is just soft enough to use liberally but bright enough to use as an accent shade. For a simple teal bedroom idea, hang a piece of wall art that seamlessly incorporate Aegean Teal.

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Peacock Garden Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Teal Living Room

This cool color pairs excellently with light, warm woods. Clay tones and oaky woods will give your living room a natural feel, while Aegean Teal will add a touch of character. More dynamic than denim or cerulean, the green undertones in Aegean Teal make for a livelier appearance. Your living space should feel equal parts welcoming and invigorating. Look for pillows, throws, and wall art in Aegean Teal to elevate your space without redesigning your entire interior.  

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Blue Birch Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Cool Kitchen

Blue is highly underutilized in kitchen décor. A color that looks timeless but matches modern elements, Aegean Teal is ideal for avoiding a cookie-cutter kitchen. This foolproof shade is the perfect counterpart to quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances. Plus, you can’t go wrong with turquoise cabinets and teal backsplashes. Aegean Teal is just subdued enough to look contemporary, but vivid enough to add a designer touch to your cooking space.

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Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year: Aegean Teal

Blue Bathroom

While blue is fairly common in bathroom décor, Aegean Teal puts a twist on tradition. Light but not garish, this blue variation is sleek and not overly aquatic. Although it hints at the turquoise sea, it is more suggestive and less literal than traditional teal tones. Revive your bathroom with Aegean Teal towels, soap dispensers, and beyond. Choose multi-tonal tiles that include Aegean Teal for a stunning spa-like look.

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Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year: Aegean Teal

Aqua Dining Room

Your dining room should instantly feel inviting. Aegean Teal can create a welcoming space that encourages conversation and community. Hang a teal painting above your dining table to promote a sense of serenity and calm. For a cozy casual look, mix and match different dining chairs around your table. Choose one or two in Aegean Teal to tie in your new teal painting. If you don’t have a separate dining space, you can also paint an accent wall for a trendy teal decorating idea.

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Ultramarine Waves III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Teal Wall Décor & More

From teal bedroom ideas to turquoise tiles, Aegean Teal is bound to transform your space. Create an atmosphere that is both calming and uplifting with the perfect shade of blue. This teal-toned color will effortlessly blend with any existing décor. Give your interior a fresh start with Benjamin Moore’s pick for Color of the Year. Start 2021 with a stunning interior full of inspiring shades. Aegean Teal is stylish, timeless, and appropriate for year-round décor. Keep up with interior design trends by incorporating this gorgeous hue into your home.

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