A seasonally appropriate entryway is crucial for welcoming friends and family into your space. Add a splash of style with trendy décor that radiates holiday cheer. Get into the Christmas spirit by adding a few accessories with winter-inspired details. The holidays are right around the corner, so there’s no time like the present when it comes to revamping your entryway. Create a cozy space with these expert wall art and interior design tips.

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A Seasonal Shelf

Add a floating shelf to your entryway and top it with holiday knick-knacks. This is the perfect way to add visual interest without taking up any space. Adorning your walls is the ideal hack for compact areas. You can display anything from fresh pine branches, to a modern nativity scene. Gold and metallic details will add a pop of shimmer to your entryway. Hang a piece of wall art above your floating shelf to tie together the entire look. The best part about wall art is that you can swap it out depending on the seasons, so it’s a super sound investment!

Christmas Color Palettes

There are several ways to put a trendy twist on Christmas colors. While red and green are a classic combo, try modern variations of these two tones. Go with a muted, cool-toned red, and a pastel green. Mix metals rather than sticking to a single metallic tone for a modern look.

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christmas entryway decor

A Cozy Corner

Create a feminine, cozy seating area for a laid-back entryway. Explore unconventional holiday shades like dusty rose, beige, snow white, and icy lavender. These wintery hues are light, bright, and effortlessly charming. Hang a piece of multi-panel wall art that mixes the unique color palette. Accessorize with candles and delicate, romantic details. Christmas is all about cozying up together by the fire, so why not lean into the romance of this magical season?

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holiday entryway decor

Display Winter Wear

It can be difficult to avoid accumulating clutter, especially when winter wear requires layers upon layers. Instead of fighting the urge to toss your cozy outerwear on your entryway bench or table, embrace it! Turn your shawls, scarves, and other cozy clothes into winter-inspired décor. Choose a piece of wall art that matches the color of your frequent outerwear, and embrace the shabby-chic look. As long as your color scheme is consistent, you can turn your clutter into intentional interior design.  From coat racks to wood benches, there are tons of ways to create a functional and stylish space.

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Mood Lighting

Creating a soft, almost sultry ambience is essential for a warm, holiday look. The easiest way to evoke feelings of tranquility and ease is by changing up your lighting. Add candles and lamps, and avoid harsh, overhead lighting. Pendant lamps are super-trendy, and they can add a contemporary touch. From lanterns to candelabras, there are tons of ways to add a Christmas-inspired glow to your entryway. Glittering light fixtures are reminiscent of sunlight sparkling on fresh snowfall.

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holiday decorating ideas

Winter Wonderland

Gold, ivory, beige, and off-white will look sleek and sophisticated in any entryway. A predominantly neutral color palette (with a splash of bronze or gold) is perfect for a winter makeover. If you want a pop of color, add a piece of wall art with classic Christmas shades. A predominantly monochromatic space is perfect for the 2021/2022 holiday season. Plus, a neutral color scheme will give you more freedom with adding bits and bobs of décor without running the risk of overwhelming your space.

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holiday hallway ideas

More Holiday Décor

Give your entryway a holiday boost with these trendy tips. If you’re looking for more Christmas décor, check out our article on the best holiday decorating ideas of the year. For holiday gift ideas, view our expert guide to Christmas presents. Explore the top winter color trends with this blog post on beautiful berry tones for the upcoming season. Happy holidays!

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