What is "Southern Living" Home Decor?

Southern style is coveted for a reason. In the South, interior design is all about blending style with comfort. Southern interiors are light, bright, and full of character. There’s a reason why it’s called “Southern charm,” after all! A mix between organic and luxury décor, Southern style strikes the perfect balance between trendy and timeless. Learn how to craft the perfect Southern home with wall art and overall décor.

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An Introduction to Southern Living Home Decor

Fresh Flora

Always Antique

But Also Modern!

Entertaining Essentials

Light and Bright

Attention to Detail

Southern Living Decorating Ideas 

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An Introduction to Southern Living Home Décor

Combine warmth and sophistication. Southern living is all about going big but staying classy. Add rustic charm but maintain a sleek atmosphere. If you don’t want to be subtle, but you want your space to look refined, Southern living is right up your alley. There are entire books dedicated to Southern home décor, but all you need is a few quick changes to give your home a stunning Southern touch. While it would be impossible to explore every Southern décor trend, we’ve highlighter our faves. We’re going to take you through 6 super easy (and affordable!) ways to incorporate this timeless style.

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Southern Living Rooms

While you can apply Southern style to any room in your home, start in your main living space. Southern living is all about community, and connecting with friends and family. Now that we’re able to gather again, take advantage of the privilege of socializing! Creating a cozy space should be your number one priority. Ensure you have enough seating, and pile your furniture with cozy textiles. Stick to warm neutrals with cool accents. Hang a piece of wall art that exemplifies Southern living, and position your furniture around the piece of art rather than around the television. Textures like leather, wool, and raw wood are ideal for a rustic-meets-elegant look. Consider a print from our "Americana Road Trip" collection, curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman. 

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1. Fresh Flora

A major element of Southern living home décor is the emphasis on indoor/outdoor living. Even if you don’t have access to a sprawling garden, you can still bring the outside in! Fresh flower arrangements are a great way to add a delicate touch of nature to your home. Avoid artificial blossoms at all costs, as a true Southern home would only include live greenery. Rotating fresh bouquet from the flower market can quickly become a lovely ritual. Choose a Southern painting that highlights the natural beauty of frilly flora.

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2. Always Antique

Perhaps the most quintessential part of Southern decorating is the use of traditional vintage furniture. Tradition is hugely important in the south, which makes the addition of classic décor a must. Hang a Southern painting with a vintage theme, and fill your shelves with precious antiques. Look for furniture that has a shabby-chic quality, and embrace natural patina rather than avoid it.

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3. …But Also Modern!

Just because antiques are essential, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice modern details. The beauty of Southern décor is that it combines vintage and contemporary pieces. Choose a modern dining table in a neutral shade like beige or brown. Add traditional seating in a bright, modern shade like white or ivory. Complete the look with a neutral piece of modern art, and contrasting antique table settings. The key is to create an equal balance of both styles.

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4. Entertaining Essentials

A Southern home is a social home! Arrange your furniture for maximum entertainment value. Make sure to face all seating inward to optimize inclusive conversations. Keep your floor plan as open as possible, to ensure a seamless flow from the kitchen to your living space. For more guest-friendly Southern living decorating ideas, view our complete guide to creating the ultimate space for entertaining (for when we can host again).

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5. Light and Bright

All Southern interiors have lots of light in common. Swap your dark curtains for sheer shades, and add lamps in every unlit corner. Decorate with light shades of white, ivory, beige, and blush. Keep furniture away from the center of the room to achieve the illusion of a larger space. Hang overhead lighting to maintain a warm feeling day or night. Use mirrors and a glossy finish on the floors to reflect natural light wherever possible.

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Southern Living Home Decor ideas

6. Attention to Detail

The final tip to elevate your Southern interior is to pay attention to the details. Every piece of décor should look thoughtful, and nothing should be out of place. Add key elements like vases, candles, and rustic branches. Make sure your color scheme is clear, and hide any décor that doesn’t blend. However, be careful to avoid a strictly minimalist space by adding enough texture and personal touches throughout your home.

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Southern Living Home Decor ideas

Southern Living Decorating Ideas

Southern living has always held a certain aesthetic appeal. Keep your space light and bright, and apply an equal mix of trends and tradition. Sprinkle some rustic touches and add a few tributes to mother nature. Livability with a luxurious touch, it’s not hard to see why designers have forever been captivated by Southern style.

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